Demo unit available for robotic integrators

Renting a demo unit is a great way to get you started with your bin-picking projects

Why renting a demo unit?

  • You can show the potential of bin-picking to your clients
  • You can use it at trade shows or at your clients’ warehouse
  • You can reduce the costs and times of testingĀ 
  • It is free for the first 30 days
  • Allows you to access our 3-days course on how to become a bin-picking expert

Services and software included

Dedicated software

Bin-picking simulation

Knowledge base

Smart Pick 3D solid is the software used to manage all bin-picking projects and is designed to maximize performance and usability.

Free access to Twin Pick, our bin-picking simulation tool. This will cut costs and times and will allow you to overcome the most common issues encountered in feasibility studies.

Free access to our Knowledge Base: a reserved web area where you will be able to find useful documents and tutorials. In addition to that, you will gain access to our 3-days bin-picking course.

Accessories included

Motor Pack

Calibration board

Wires and cables

Tech specs

Request your demo unit today and get 30 days free