We support your bin-picking projects. All the way through.

Preliminary studies and quotation

Try us!

Do you have a bin-picking request from your clients? Great! Test us. 

Contact us and quickly discover if and how our EyeT+ Pick bin-picking system can help answer your client’s questions. There’s no better way to start!

Personalized 3-days course on bin-picking

Make your company grow with knowledge and a new skill

How to acquire a new skill? How to get a grip on a new advanced technology such as those required to make bin-picking work? We take care of this.

We have a custom designed 3-days course in which you and your team can learn how to master bin-picking.

Contact us today and book your time with us.

In-lab testing

We assist you with tests in our labs

Quickly and swiftly verify the feasibility of a project. Measure the performance and calculate ROI for every project. Find the best solution for you and your clients. We can do it all thanks to our laboratories and in-house testing: the best way to get answers. Fast. 

Contact us today and book a test at our labs. 

You can rent a Demo Unit and start testing in your own labs

The best way to quickly master bin-picking and effectively offer it to your clients: attend the 3-days course and then rent a Demo Unit to use in your lab. You will be quickly able to use this technology and effectively use it to grow your business. 

  • Show your clients how it works. Live. 
  • Access our 3-days course for free
  • Access our support program: all you need to master bin-picking from project study to installation and beyond
We can simulate bin-picking, thus saving time and money

Verify the feasibility of a project, cut times and costs. Reply to your client in 24 hours. All thanks to our exclusive Twin Pick simulation tool for bin-picking.

The future of feasibility studies is here. Contact us today to get access quickly and easily. 


We support installations at your clients'

If needed, we can also assist you in the final installation at your clients’ 
  • Set-up and software configuration
  • Testing and delivery phase support
  • 3-days bin-picking course
  • After-sale support

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