EyeT+ Pick

The 3D robot guide solution for random bin picking

Riproduci video


and sturdy 3D reconstruction of the scene, thanks to the dual laser line.


object recognition in few tenths of a second.


pick control to provide the the robot a feasible collision-free path to pick the product

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1. Easy to install and maintain

Plug & Produce

within hours in 4 easy steps

Sturdy device

with low maintenance requirements

Pre-calibrated sensor

ready for commissioning

Designed to endure

heavy environments and workloads

2. Increase the efficiency of your production line

Return of investment

typically in less than a year

Multi-pick option

saves time performing multiple pick with one scan

Optimize production

thanks to the fastest cycle time


production performances collecting detailed statistics

3. Flexible and integrated

Standard communication

interfaces compatible with every robot


for many industrial sectors

Adaptive bin detection

to increase system availability

Industry 4.0 ready

to be connected to factory IT infrastructure

Installation in 4 simple steps


Install EyeT+ in the pick area using the Motor Pack or on the robot arm.


Make EyeT+ communicate with the robot.

Set up

Use the Smart Pick 3D Solid software to set up the product and the pick modalities.


Monitor production status and collect detailed statistics.

EyeT+ Pick comes with a simulation service that will help you simulate your projects in advance

Solves problem usually encountered in proposals

From bin positioning to gripping set-up

Cloud-based solution

You can work extensively wothout draining your power from your workstation

Smart Pick 3D Solid

EyeT+ can be perfectly integrated with the well-established software solution Smart Pick 3D Solid, which allows for the configuration and the monitoring of the system in a 3D programming environment.


Simple new product definition within minutes


Totally integrated with EyeT+Pick


Manage many application scenarios


Operator-friendly interface to diagnose and configure the system

Motor Pack​

Plug & Play

Integrate EyeT+ directly in the pick area.


Control EyeT+ without additional PLC programming.

Designed to sustain heavy workloads

A sturdy device with extremely low maintainance requirements

Visual Align

Additional 2D module for precise product positioning


Manage the Visual Align in the Smart Pick 3D Solid environment


Improves position accuracy in tenths of a second


direct machine loading avoiding additional custom features


different scanning area and illumination methods to fit application requirements

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EyeT+ Pick is designed, developed and assembled in Italy by IT+Robotics

 IT+Robotics srl Labs: Via Prima Strada, 35, 35129, Padova, Italy | phone: +39 049 80 75 216