Multiple quality checks in one single scan

Turn-Key Device

A stand-alone ergonomic device. Manual or automatic loading

Advanced vision system

Combines 2D vision for surface check with 3D vision developed for shape-related checks. It combines them in one single scan

Easily re-configurable

A flexible machine that seamlessly adapt to different pieces after just a quick re-setting process

Industry 4.0-ready, customizable and re-configurable user interface

User Interface is flexible, customizable and re-configurable according to different specific needs. Keep track of your stats to monitor your production in real time.

Two different versions


For smaller checks (<1mm)


For larger checks (>1mm)

BT-20 BT-15
Resolution in X
0.15 mm
0.30 mm
Resolution in Z
0.05 mm
0.08 mm
Far Field of View (FoV)
360 mm
400 mm
Near Field of View (FoV)
170 mm
230 mm
Measurement Range
90 mm
120 mm

What does it check for?


Checks for missing material


Checks for correct distances


Checks for correct shapes compliance

In addition, custom checks can be added according to customers’ needs and specific production requirements

Optional components

Professional label printer

Quick and easy automatic labeling for easy piece tracking

Ergonomic quickstart touch-pad

Essential for quick and ergonomic operations around the EyeT+ InBox station

Disposal module

This optional module is essential for disposal of scrapped pieces

Examples of checks

Presence/Absence Check (piece blurred)
Shape compliance
Shape compliance (scratches)

EyeT+ InBox is designed, developed and assembled in Italy by IT+Robotics. If you wish to know more and try out one of your pieces, don’t hesitate and contact us for a free customized demo:

 IT+Robotics srl Labs: Via Prima Strada, 35, 35129, Padova, Italy | phone: +39 049 80 75 216